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Snow and Ice Removal Auburn Hills MI

Parks Services is the full-service solution for commercial and industrial snow removal and ice management in Auburn Hills and throughout Southeast Michigan. When it comes to ice removal, you need a company that is committed to speed, efficiency, and reliability. Qualified employees and the proper equipment is critical in the snow-fighting business.

By maintaining a large fleet of our own equipment, as well as a team of reliable professionals, we are able to ensure that your customers, employees, or tenants remain safe throughout even the most treacherous Michigan winters. We understand that our clients count on us to act fast, and we're here so that they can rest assured knowing that we are monitoring the weather 24/7 and are prepared to mobilize at all times.

The Five Essentials That Encompass Our Philosophy:

  • Client Satisfaction -- We exist to satisfy our clients.
  • Individual Respect -- We are polite and courteous.
  • Specialized Knowledge -- We have the required skills and abilities.
  • Exceptional Service -- We provide the highest level of service and workmanship.
  • Exceptional Value -- We deliver benefits that exceed client expectations.

Auburn Hills's Snow Plowing & De-Icing Services for Commercial, Industrial and Large Private Properties

We offer a complete package of commercial snow & ice management services to our clients, taking the burden off of their hands and providing peace of mind knowing that their property is in exceptional hands. Monitoring the weather is a serious commitment for us in the winter months. We study current conditions, forecasts, and high-tech models to assess the threat of adverse weather.

Our experienced team handles all aspect of snow and ice management:

  • Snow Plowing -- Clearing snow on-site to appropriate and pre-determined locations.
  • Snow Hauling -- Relocating snow piles on-site or removing snow completely from a property.
  • Sidewalk Clearing -- Complete sidewalk services including clearing and ice management.
  • De-Icing -- Applying ice control materials to melt snow or ice after accumulation.

Risk Management

Snow Plowing Service Auburn Hills MI

There are over 2 million slip and fall accidents and over 17,000 deaths resulting from associated injuries each year in the U.S. Providing safe access to our clients' properties and facilities is our singular goal. The potential for lawsuits and insurance claims is very real during the winter months. However, the risk can be substantially reduced by hiring an experienced, qualified, and proactive snow and ice management company.

Our event management decision-making process centers on risk management. While many of our competitors focus on optimizing their profits during the winter, we focus on minimizing risks for our clients. We know that this will build trust and lead to long-term partnerships.

We provide value by delivering exceptional services that focus on reducing risk and overall costs associated with maintaining safe properties for our clients and their employees, customers, tenants, and visitors.

We maintain advanced snow plowing equipment.

Equipment is critical in the snow-fighting business. By maintaining a large fleet of our own equipment, we are able to assign the right equipment for each property. We maintain our own equipment with our own mechanics at our facility. We even sell and install equipment for other snow contractors. Please contact us for a complete list of equipment.

If you are responsible for the appearance, condition, or safety of a commercial office building or large private estate, please contact us today to request a free consultation and estimate. We would love to hear from you!