What Are The Best Plants To Plant For The Fall?

Contrary to popular belief, fall is great for planting a variety of plants. This article will cover the plants that not only survive but thrive in the fall, and which look best surrounded by beautiful autumn foliage.

The best plants to plant in the fall include:

  • Garden mums- These hardy and full-blossomed flowers have the perfect shades for fall, and don't need the warmer weather to survive. You can find mums in the perfect fall colors of brown, gold, orange-red and bronze.
  •  American Beautyberry-This stunning plant with strings full of berries and arching stems will really stand out in your garden or yard. The beautyberry thrives in the wild regardless of the time of year, so it will in your garden, too.
  • Oak Leaf Hydrangea-This gorgeous flowering shrub has fiery leaves and light pink flowers. It's one of the most durable shrubs for the colder months. The flowers can also be red or white.
  • Pansies-These stunning annual flowers are very versatile, and can even survive light frosts and snowfalls. They do the best when housed in flowerpots and planted in full sun.
  • Blue Fescue- This plant might look like blue (or teal) grass, but it's surprisingly durable in the colder months. It also really stands out like a bright beacon amongst the browns and oranges of autumn.
  • Springtime bulbs- It's a little-known fact that all plants and flowers with bulbs need a period of cold dormancy to really sprout and bloom in the early spring. Plant all of your flowers with bulbs in the autumn to really see a beautiful, fully-blossomed display.
  • Trees- Many trees can be planted in the fall to thrive. Remember to contact your local utility companies before digging -- you don't want to hit any pipes or lines!

Any plants, shrubs, or trees you plant in the fall should be watered until the ground freezes. After the ground freezes, though, don't bother. Their roots will be kept strong until the ground defrosts.

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