Tips For Choosing The Best Plants For Your Commercial Landscape

Choosing a landscaping scheme for your business is an important part of your branding message. Here are five tips to help you choose the right outdoor plants for your business and make the outside of the building shine.

1. Feature Water

Considering the fact that you will need to install a watering system for your plants, you may choose to install a waterfall or fountain. These attractive installations are easy on the eye and put people at ease.

2. Color

The most sustainable plants are generally desert plants- depending on your location. However, desert plants tend to be somewhat devoid of color. You may want to choose plants that are considerably more colorful than those that are most easily sustainable. If you do some research, you’ll find there are plenty of hearty and beautiful plants out there for you to choose from.

3. Sustainability

We mean this in both ecological terms and low maintenance. Choose plants which shed little, need little water, and take the infrequent trimming. This will keep your landscaping budget manageable, and make your customers feel welcome.

4. Enhance Your Branding Message

Your landscaping should be attractive while matching the character and type of business you are running as well as the surrounding area. Choose plants that match your personal preferences, but keep it professional. Look at the landscaping choices of other business in your field if you feel like you could use some pointers.

5. Have a Plan Before You Start Spending

If you have yet to get started, make sure you have a well-developed idea of how you want your landscaping to look. Know the limitations of the property you have to work with. Consider consulting with a professional before you start spending.

If you're looking for expert landscape design contractors or commercial grounds maintenance, contact the team at Parks Services today.

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