Preparing Your Commercial Landscape For The Cooler Months

Cooler weather brings about a different perspective for commercial property owners. Now you can relax a bit on mowing and edging. However, that doesn’t mean you can forgo your commercial landscape maintenance throughout the fall season. Check out these four areas you need to cover for landscape in the cooler months.


Fall is one of the best times to fertilize grass, trees, flowers, shrubs and other vegetation. The growing season is coming to a halt and most plants are preparing to enter a period of dormancy. Apply fertilizer in the fall so your landscaping can slowly reap the nutrients and minerals. Then in spring time your plants will shoot up healthier than the year before. 


After you fertilize prepare to cover most of your plants with commercial mulching. You will not need to mulch your grassy areas, unless you have sparse spots that need reseeding, which should also be done at this time. Mulching can be organic, as in bark or pine needles, or inorganic as with pebbles and landscape fabric. Typically, mulching in the fall will revolve around organic mulch to provide a layer of protection for plants against cold temperatures and heavy winds. 

Have an Emergency Plan

Those cold temps and strong winds can also cause tree limbs to fall and fragile vegetation to snap off at the stalks. If you live in an area prone to certain types of winter weather, have an emergency plan in place. Anticipate emergency situations that might effect your landscaping, and have a team ready to call for providing 24/7 services.

Hire a Landscape Maintenance Crew

This is where hiring a landscape maintenance crew can be most beneficial for your commercial property. Choose a company that offers emergency response day or night so to best protect your landscape investment in any situation. The landscape maintenance company will also be able to provide complete winterization services to protect your landscaping during the cooler months.

If you're looking for a commercial landscaping company in Troy or need commercial grounds maintenance, contact the team at Parks Services today.

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