How Can I Get My Commercial Landscape Warm Weather Ready?

Your commercial landscaping works hard to provide your property with a safe and attractive exterior space, and naturally, you want it to be as maintenance-free as possible. However, in order to perform at optimal levels, good landscaping needs a bit of assistance when the time has come to transition to the warm season. Fortunately, you can give your commercial landscaping a head start on weathering the dog days of summer -- here's how:

Lawn areas sometimes enter the summer season with residual stress caused by adverse winter conditions. Check the grassy areas of your commercial landscaping carefully for bare spots, and, if you notice any, reseed them by gently loosening the soil in the bare patch, removing any weeds, and sprinkle in a mixture of soil and grass seed. Water it in using a diffuser to ensure that the seed isn't washed away, and keep the area moist until the seeds have sprouted. 

Water Deeply and Well

The key to keeping lawn grass lush and green throughout the summer season is to implement good watering practices. Giving the lawn a good watering once per week encourages roots to grow deep and strong instead of weak and shallow. A good way to know that your lawn has received enough water for an average week is to set an empty tuna can on a part of the lawn that's being watered. When the can is full, you've watered enough. 

Plant Annuals

Dress up your commercial landscaping by planting flowering annuals in both beds and containers. These add vibrant accents that will make your property look polished and well-cared for. Choosing heat-tolerant annuals such as petunias and lantana will keep the colors coming all through the summer season and well into fall. 

Contact Parks Services today to get your commercial landscape summer ready, not only do we offer snow removal and de-icing services but also commercial landscape maintenance

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