7 Benefits Of Using Mulch In Your Commercial Landscape

It doesn't take much experience with a lawn or commercial landscape to realize how much better flowers and shrubs grow when the areas designated for them are covered with mulch. However, many people think the mulch is just for looks or is just put there because that's how it has always been done. There are in truth a number of practical reasons why mulch is placed in those areas. Some reasons make plenty of sense to the layman, others may need a bit of thought as to why and how they work.

  • The main benefit mulch provides is protection for plants. It secures the dirt and allows the plants to properly root for a lifetime of health and beauty.
  • Although mulch protects the plants you want to be there, it also prevents weeds from being able to take root quite as easily as uncovered soil allows.
  • One of the ways in which mulch protects your garden areas is to conserve water by retaining it in the soil under the mulch instead of evaporating away on a hot day.
  • Mulch also helps keep nutrients in the soil, which along with the water help to feed the plants and assure the grow properly and continue to look great for the building.
  • Using mulch as an organic and natural means of protecting the plants also provides the benefits associated with the earthworms which are likely to be attracted to the area.
  • Mulch is inviting to earthworms, but keeps out the kinds of bugs and pests which damage plants by eating at their roots and branches or may in turn begin to infiltrate the building the plants are intended to compliment.
  • Although mulch may need to be re-spread or freshened up each year, it is a relatively simple task compared to other protective surfaces such as plastic sheeting or sand and gravel.

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