There are over 2 million slip and fall accidents and over 17,000 deaths resulting from associated injuries each year in the U.S. Providing safe access to our clients’ properties and facilities is our singular goal. The potential for lawsuits and insurance claims is very real during the winter months. However, the risk may be substantially reduced by hiring an experienced, qualified, and proactive snow & ice management company.

Our event management decision-making process centers on risk management. While many of our competitors focus on optimizing their profits during the winter, we focus on minimizing risks for our clients. We know that this will build trust and lead to long-term partnerships.

Minimizing risk also reduces overall costs. Our clients understand the value of working with snow & ice management professionals who will not compromise their standards in order to win a contract or save a dollar.

We provide exceptional value by delivering exceptional service that focuses on reducing risk and overall costs associated with maintaining safe properties for our clients and their employees, customers, tenants, and visitors.

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